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Our Approach to your medical projects: Better. Smarter. Faster.


When Interite Healthcare Interiors, was established, it had as its core mission to deliver client projects in a

"Better, smarter and faster way"

We want to make every minute count, using our resources and experienced staff wisely to create a process that won’t miss an opportunity to improve your clinic or waste a minute of your time.

The Agile Project Delivery model was developed to achieve this goal. By running the design and construction phases alongside each other, your projects can be delivered faster, and for less cost that the traditional design-then-build approach.

This model has the designer and builder working side-by-side from day one, creating faster, smoother projects that add significant value to your practice.

Benefits of the Agile Project Delivery model include:

  •  reduced project timelines - open your practice sooner
  •  less unforeseen items - better for your budget
  •  frequent buildability reviews - keep your project realistic and on track
  •  design vs construction conflicts are largely alleviated
  •  continuous supervision– improved quality control
  •  one project manager– your single point of communication

Design + Construct - an old idea with a 21st-century relevance

Our Design-Construct scheme, also known as ‘integrated project delivery’ is both economical and practical in constructing new healthcare facilities. It's a method that has been around since ancient times.

Put simply, master builder accepts full responsibility for designing and constructing your project, from conception to completion.

Interite Healthcare (along with other, forward-thinking construction companies) have embraced the idea of design+construct, because of its significant advantages over other delivery systems.

This is why:

Traditional Design- Bid-Construct System

  • involves multiple contractors
  • no single point of contact for customer
  • risk of budget overruns 
  • you bear the risk of the final build
  • increased risk of delays

Design-Construct System

  • single entity responsible
  • one point of contact for you
  • reduced risk for budget overruns
  • design-builder owns the final build
  • simplified process, moderated timelines

Agile Approach timeline web

Evolve and adapt with the healthcare industry today.

Interite Healthcare's Agile Design and Construct project delivery methodology is proven to deliver projects in 30% less time and at 10% less cost.*
Want to know more about how you can use design-construct for your upcoming healthcare project? Contact Interite Healthcare Interiors on 1800 973 236.

*Selecting Project Delivery Systems by Victor Sanvido and Mark Konchar


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